Floris Vanhoof
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The Fluid Computer: vinyl record and book with 2 new compositions and 24 double exposed 35mm photos.

Polyhedra: installation inspired by the rich acoustics of a symphony orchestra.
A signal is send through 50 loudspeakers with different shapes and size.
Constant variations in volume make the sound fly around, as if invisible hands are turning the volume knobs.

Talking Gongs: Installation in which automatically resonating gongs hang in two cubical frames.
The gongs act as loudspeaker membranes that translate pre-recorded vibrations into sound.
Waves that originate in small electronic circuits are translated outwards by the large physical objects. (listen)
Expanded cinema performances: evolving series of live performances with 16mm film projection and homemade musical circuits.

Fossil Locomotion: installation made of imaginary motion studies of my family's fossil collection.
The illusion of movement is created by means of a rotating disk, 4 slide projectors and a soundtrack.
The flickering animation arises because of the rotating disc lets the light through from one of the slide projectors at the time.
In 81 sequences of 4 flickering slides the fossils that were lying still for around 750 million years start to move again.

De Vloeibare Computer: this installation uses a long string of digital code, as raw material. 
By filtering these information pulses and feeding them back to the input the sound is colored and we seem to recognize a pattern in the noise.
What normally happens behind the scenes of our computer is scattered here in a scenography or large geometric shapes, by the rotating Leslie loudspeaker.

Bug Sounds: installation made by zooming in on a vinyl record with a microscope, looking for primitive forms of soundwaves.
The patterns of wavy vinyl grooves are animated into new flickering rhythms with a rotating wheel. 
While our visual perception is overloaded, the tusk of the beetle acts as a record needle and makes for interesting distortions of the soundtrack.