Floris Vanhoof
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2 x 16mm film performance

Interference with two film projectors: The films consist of horizontal stripes, which result in a moiré-effect when projected over each other.
The thicknesses of the lines adapt to create a play of flickering, dancing lines.
In double projection, the viewer is drawn into the 2D plane of the pulsating moiré pattern.
A layered soundtrack and variations in sharpness, image size and colors create an intense synesthetic experience.

The films are only 1 meter long, but small differences in length of the loops create endless variations of the moiré pattern. The phasing technique that Steve Reich and Brian Eno used with tape recorders is applied here on film.

The eye muscles are addressed directly.
In the words of Cezanne: "To show the process of seeing, not just the results."