Floris Vanhoof
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Time Slime
Format: Vinyl, 12" / DL
Label: Ulta Eczema
Album Art: Dennis Tyfus
Genre: musique concrete, electronics
Year: 2010
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“This records is a collage of home brew synth madness, fieldrecordings, detailed registrations of floris throwing a full drum kit 20 times of a staircase in a church, coincidences and liters of delicious tape delay spun together by a man who only eats fast food, as eating the real thing would take too much time, time that could be spent on more important things, like digging dick raaijmakers, art history, synths and long forgotten sound carriers! finally, the first lp by one of my favorite belgians! after a bunch of self published tapes, cdr's and films it was about time!“ (Dennis Tyfus - Ultra Eczema)