Floris Vanhoof
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The Fluid Computer
Format: Vinyl, 12" and 24 page book / DL
Label: Kraak & self-released
Genre: musique concrete, tape manipulation
Year: 2019

2 side long pieces and a selection of 35mm slides printed on a lush 30 by 30 cm format give an alternative for popular myths “our memory is a tape recorder” and “the exact photographic memory”. When we take time to listen inside own heads, what appears might be closer to the double exposed images and swirling tape manipulations then we imagine.
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This music and these pictures are made out of curiosity about how multiple images overlap on film and how waves that arise in tiny electronic circuits translate to the outside world.
Whooshing echoes out of homemade musical circuits and acoustic recordings processed through configuration of tape recorders mix the same way as the colors in the layered images.