Floris Vanhoof
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Soap Bubbles
Year: 2022-2024

A laser shines through soap bubbles and 2 diodes listen to the lightwaves that are bend through the ever changing surfaces. Bursting bubbles make dynamic pops and photons diffracted through microscopic movements of liquid soap make glissandi.

How the sound is picked up:
An LED (light-emitting diode) emits light when an electrical current passes through. Here this process is reversed and the diode detects light. When light shines onto the diode, the current passes through (in the opposite direction) and we hear the amplified current.

How the light diffracts:
Light travels through space as a wave. When a wave travels through a medium, certain random variations of that medium can cause the wave to spread out. This changes with time as the bubbles age and thin.
When the mediums random structure is larger than the lasers wavelength, nonlinear optical phenomena, sometimes not unlike the recently discovered "branched flow of light" can be seen and heard.

︎︎︎performances inTeatrino Palazzo Grassi, Venice (© Cinema Flux) & Raum, Bologna (© Xing)